Magnetic Remote Caller Mount For Tripod

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Fits Kopjager K700 and Bog Death grips and Dead eye Predator tactics and many more . Utilizing magnets and metal plates along with our design you can now get that e-caller remote out of your pocket or away from your neck.  

Clip it on your tripod and you now have both hand available to do other things. Like hunt or make up excuses as to why you missed that shot. But you can’t use the old “the damn remote was in my hand” excuses with this bad boy. 

 Made from high quality materials that are stronger than the smell of that dead coyote in the back of your truck since sun up we guarantee it won’t break. But if somehow you do break it we will replace it no questions asked. <— this only applies to our 3D printed part. We might require some for of payment for the other part. Like bitcoin or something cool!

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